Nicole Klepp, Psy.D.

My experiences have taught me that developing a deeper understanding of oneself is important for learning, growing, and successfully reaching one's goals. One of my professional goals is to incorporate this philosophy into treatment by helping individuals focus on their strengths and solidify their belief systems. Self-exploration is only one portion of successful therapy though. In its entirety, treatment can help provide the foundation for life altering opportunities through a process that also involves mastering challenges and effectively adapting to the changes that naturally accompany growth and life.

My therapeutic approach is eclectic as I incorporate cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, mindfulness, visual imagery, and person-centered therapies to individuals and families based on my assessment of clients' needs. I work with children, adolescents, and adults presenting with a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism spectrum, learning disabilities, memory problems, relational problems, and trauma. I also have experience in treating and evaluating individuals with neurobehavioral disorders, neurological disorders, traumatic brain injury, and cognitive impairments.

A large part of my practice is inclusive of conducting psychological and neuropsychological evaluations, in which typical referral questions involve concerns about attention, concentration, learning disabilities, memory, dementia, disruptive behavior, hyperactivity, social interactions, and self-care. I have done evaluations for educational purposes, disability determination, division of vocational rehabilitation, inpatient facilities, assisted and independent living facilities, and self- or family-referred individuals.

Owner, Licensed Psychologist

Sammi Jo Hurkmans, Psy.D.

My desire to pursue a career in the field of psychology stems from the compassion and concern I have for all people and the belief that growth occurs through relationship and connection. I completed my undergraduate training in Wyoming, where I earned an Associate of Arts degree from the Laramie County Community College in 2008 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Wyoming in 2012. I moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2012 to pursue graduate training in Psychology at the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology, and graduated with a Doctorate of Psychology in 2018. During the graduate program, I trained in various settings, including community mental health centers, private practice locations, nonprofit organizations, and psychiatric hospitals.


Throughout my training, I have learned the importance of establishing a connection with the individuals I am working with and understanding the impact the therapeutic relationship has on progress. I am person-centered and collaborative in my approach as my desire is to help others discover their power in making the necessary changes for themselves and working together to explore all possible paths. Although I enjoy working with a range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, and relational difficulties, my main area of focus and interest is working with individuals who have experienced traumatic events that continue to impact them today. I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Processing (EMDR), which is a tool used to further process experiences that talk therapy often cannot access. This tool can be used for both children and adults, although I also incorporate play therapy techniques with children as needed. Given my background as a military dependent, I also have a keen interest in serving the Veteran population and providing them therapeutic services to assist with civilian life.


In addition to therapy, I also specialize in conducting psychological and neuropsychological evaluations. These evaluations have assisted in determining one’s overall functioning, as well as focusing on specific areas of concern, including intellectual disabilities, Autism, parental capacities, and general diagnostic clarification. Each evaluation helps to provide a comprehensive explanation of the individual’s functioning and recommendations to assist with moving forward.

License Psychologist

Shelley Jerard, LPC-ATR

Shelley Jerard, LPC – ATR is credentialed as a licensed professional counselor and art therapist. She has experience working with ages 4 and up through adulthood. Shelley has specialized training in treating trauma in children including Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Narrative Attachment Therapy. Shelley enjoys working with a variety of populations and enjoys using different treatment models throughout her week to best serve her clients. Shelley tailors each treatment plan to best fit the needs of the client. Shelley is open to working with children, adolescents, adults and families. Shelley is passionate about working with blended families and is currently working towards a certification in adoption competency. 

Psychotherapist, Art Therapist

Leah Kuepper, OTR/PTA

Play is very important for children to participate in and also their primary occupation.  Through play, children learn skills and develop interests that later affect choices and success in work and leisure.  This is where development of sensory integration, physical abilities, cognitive and language skills, and interpersonal relationships occur.  Children learn about roles and how to become productive members of society through play.


As a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with a Master’s degree and a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant, I address the areas that impact a child’s occupation.  My role as an Occupational Therapist is holistic.  I identify the child’s occupational performance, analyze the physical demands and social expectations of the child’s home environment, school and community settings including the child’s participation.  After assessing the areas of occupation most important to the family and child, I further assess the child’s performance skills and patterns necessary for participation in everyday activities.  I address behavior problems, sensory processing, self-cares, social and emotional development, coordination deficits, fine motor delays, strength, range of motion, motor planning deficits, balance and mobility, and vision.  Through purposeful and meaningful play-based interactive intervention, with play again being our children’s occupation, I facilitate an individualized just right challenge to promote independence within the child. 

Occupational Therapist/Physical Therapy Assistant

Annie Mallmann, Psy.D., LPC

Dr. Mallmann conducts psychological and neuropsychological evaluations with children and adults for purposes of diagnostic clarification, treatment recommendations, academic functioning, follow up care, noting progress or changes in status, etc. She sees clients presenting with a variety of issues, such as anxiety, depression, social issues, relational difficulties, attention, learning, and memory, among others. Dr. Mallmann also provides individual and family therapy to children and adults presenting with a variety of presenting problems.


Michelle Mirhoseini, Psy.D., LPC-IT

Dr. Mirhoseini conducts psychological and neuropsychological evaluations with children and adults for purposes of diagnostic clarification, treatment recommendations, academic functioning, follow up care, noting progress or changes in status, etc. She sees clients presenting with a variety of issues.


She also provides individual therapy primarily to adults, but is willing to treat adolescents starting at 16 years of age. She meets with individuals presenting with many different problems, including anxiety disorders, depression, stress related issues, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, etc. Her specialty is hoarding disorder.


Samantha Olson, MA, LMFT, SAC-IT

I practice Marriage and Family Therapy and provide a safe and secure environment.  Marriage and family therapy is way for couples and families to gather together, with a neutral individual, that will help guide the interactions of all the individuals involved.  I believe that identifying family patterns and dynamics is an important part of therapy, and I tend to incorporate psychoeducation and mindfulness practices.  I primarily utilize solution-focused therapy, family systems theory, cognitive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness as my therapeutic models.  I have experience working with children (ages 10 and up), adolescents, adults, couples, and families who have suffered from anxiety, Depression, ADHD, family conflict, stress, adjustment difficulties, self-harm, AODA, LGBTQ, self-esteem issues, PTSD etc. I have a variety of certifications, including Prepare- Enrich, a martial and pre-marital program.  I form my therapeutic interactions around the client’s specific needs. 


Justine Rivera, MSW, APSW

I believe in treating the whole person, to help restore balance to the mind, body, and soul. I focus on enhancing mindfulness to increase awareness of triggers from our past experiences and identify how they show up for us in our daily lives. My experiences have taught me that everyone's story is unique. Therefore, the treatment approach should be unique to the person. I like to meet clients where they are at and evolve therapeutically at a pace they are comfortable with. 


My diverse career background has offered me valuable experiences working with children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of presenting problems. I focus on treating trauma, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, family and social conflicts, stress management, adjustment difficulties, self-harm, LGBTQ population, self-esteem issues, etc.  I use a variety of therapeutic approaches including client-centered therapy, Emotion-based, Cognitive behavioral, Solution-focused, Mindfulness, Trauma-focused, Narrative therapy, and Guided imagery. I adapt my therapeutic approach to fit the client's specific needs. My objective is to empower my clients to break the cycles that hold them back from reaching their full potential in life. This is a safe place for you to heal and continue your incredible journey of personal growth. 


Claire Rosen, MS, OTR/L

Play is the most important “occupation” for a child and it is the foundation of all developmental skills.  Fostering a child’s ability to play, attend and learn by supporting or treating his/her weaknesses is a passion of mine.  As an OT I am able to help children better learn to regulate their nervous system to allow for improved frustration tolerance, attention, emotional control and participation in daily life skills.  Through play we also improve fine motor and gross motor coordination, strength and visual perceptual skills building confidence along the way.  To be able to help children live their life to their full potential is rewarding for me.

I have a variety of certifications and areas of specialty surrounding sensory processing, attention and behavioral concerns.  I am certified in The Therapeutic Listening Program and also use principals from a variety of Sensory Integration Theorists.  I believe in treating the whole child and that each child is unique.  Through my experience it is clear that there are many answers to solve problems.  Therefore, success is best found by getting to know the child and his/her environment in which they thrive and focus on his/her strengths.  

Occupational Therapy Director

Natalie Searing, LPC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with experience working with adults, children ages 4 and up, couples and families.  In my practice I strive to meet people where they are at and help them achieve strength, balance, self-acceptance and a deeper personal understanding in all areas of their life. Since all individuals have different needs, beliefs and responses to experiences I use many different techniques including CBT, solution focused, ego state, mindfulness and narrative therapy.  I have a strong background in treating PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Mood Disorder, Maladaptive Behaviors, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Adjustment Disorder, Grief/Loss and other varying concerns.  My special areas of interest are trauma, anxiety and attachment.  I understand that the decision to come to therapy can be an overwhelming one but the process of therapy and the outcomes of therapy are truly rewarding.


Becky Senn, LMFT

As a marriage and family therapist, I believe it is important for clients to have the necessary tools to regulate emotions, manage daily stress, effectively communicate in interpersonal relationships, and maintain safety through distressing life events. My therapy is a combination of psychoeducation and processing. I primarily utilize solution-focused therapy, family systems theory, and dialectical behavior therapy as my therapy models. I also work from a strength-based lens, which highlights and utilizes clients’ strengths in achieving their goals in therapy. I work with children, adolescents, and adults in individual, couples, and family therapy. I also work with clients with various presenting concerns, such as anxiety, depression, relational problems, family conflict, stress management, self-esteem, social skills, and self-harm.


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