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Integrative Psyche maintains a philosophy of striving to help individuals integrate the various parts of their psyche in part by offering integrative psychotherapeutic services. 



To offer comprehensive services for unified client care.



To assist clients in reaching and maintaining self-integration within their daily lives.

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Respect for Individuals

Integrity in Relationships

Value of Employees

Excellence in Performance

Protect Dignity and Privacy of Individuals served

Community Responsibility

Service to Humanity

We want to help individuals maximize their full functional capacity, which can be accomplished by teaching skills that will encourage people to tap into their personal strengths and effectively utilize their whole brain. Our clinicians utilize different variations in treatment from yoga, mindfulness, relaxation, visual imagery, art, and play therapies, to very traditional cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and person-centered talk therapy.

​Our comprehensive services focus on meeting the needs of those that we work with. This includes neuro-psychological testing and  individual/family/couples/group therapy.

Together, our team helps clients and families identify the pieces of their lives' puzzle, so that they can better understand and know how to help themselves and/or loved ones.

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