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Interactive Metronome® is a research-backed tool proven to help!

Interactive Metronome® (IM) is the only training program that improves timing in the brain in an organized, systematic, flexible and engaging format. Research shows that combining movement and cognitive tasks leads to better overall outcomes. IM is a patented and unique training tool that challenges thinking and movement simultaneously, providing real-time millisecond feedback to help synchronize the body’s internal clock. As your child adjusts his performance to the reference tone and guide sounds, his functional brain networks are beginning to communicate in a more efficient, rhythmic pattern. This, in turn, allows your child to reach his full potential academically, socially and athletically in only minutes a day, a few days a week. Incorporate IM into your child’s training plan today and see improvement in:


  • Sensory Processing

  • Working Memory

  • Attention & Concentration

  • Processing Speed

  • Motor Planning & Sequencing

  • Balance & Coordination

How does it work?

Interactive Metronome® is a unique system that progresses through four phases. Each phase has specific goals and exercises, advancing from easiest (hands only) to most challenging (full body). 

1) The goal is to make sure your child understands the reference tone and program requirements. 

2) As your child improves, they will begin to adjust their performance to guide sounds, which provide millisecond timing feedback to facilitate improvement in cognitive, communicative and motor skills. 


3) This millisecond timing feedback is what distinguishes Interactive Metronome® from other training programs. Your child’s goal is to achieve the best possible timing and rhythm with their hand movements only in order to improve focus, cognitive processing and motor coordination. 


4) Now your child will begin training with their lower body to further challenge and advance cognitive and motor skills

IM-HOME Program
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IM-Home is the at-home version of the Interactive Metronome (IM). For years, IM has been helping children
and adults make functional gains in everyday life. These gains range from walking to talking and reading to
writing. IM is a research-backed training program that has been shown to improve:


• Attention & Concentration • Motor Planning & Sequencing • Language Processing Behavior
(Aggression & Impulsivity)


• Balance & Gait • Endurance • Strength • Motor Skills • Coordination


• Get more therapy time • Use IM every day • Work towards long-lasting gains • Stay sharp, focused
and coordinated

How it works:

Using IM’s web-based eClinic, you can receive a tailored home training therapy plan designed by
your IM-HOME specialist. Exercises are performed at home and your scores are uploaded to your IM-HOME
specialist automatically. Your specialist can make any modifications needed before your next session and those
changes will automatically be downloaded. Your IM-HOME specialist can keep in touch using the eClinic’s
messaging system to alert you of these changes, to give specific directions or just to give words of

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