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In the Classroom

Handwriting can seem like a chore for many children and this can have profound impacts on academic performance.
Using strategies that are developmentally appropriate and educational, kids can have fun while building handwriting
skills, endurance, and confidence with peers along the way!

Goal: To improve handwriting legibility and confidence through fun and socially-appropriate educational activities with peers.

Objectives: Handwriting skills help children develop other skills such as reading, spelling, and recall.
1. Build confidence and have fun with handwriting.
2. Improve hand strength, endurance, and posture to write for longer duration without fatigue
3. Improve visual perception and hand coordination to manipulate writing utensils when
4. Improve letter formation, sizing, spacing, and line orientation for legible handwriting.

Preregistration is Required: contact Integrative Psyche at 414-545-4430 or by email:

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