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Is the occurrence of bullying impacting your teen’s daily life and contributing to emotional distress? Your teenager experiencing
difficulty with establishing healthy peer relationships and addressing bullying behavior at school, in the community, or online?
This group is for him or her.

Meanness is a sign of weakness!
 Goal: To facilitate discussions about the types of bullying that can occur, identify healthy and unhealthy
relationships, and develop strategies to cope with peer conflict.

Objectives: To encourage an environment where group participants learn to speak openly about their
experiences with bullying.

1. Define bullying behavior and identify the types of bullying that occur in various environments while
identifying the effects on psychological health (e.g., depression, anxiety, self-esteem).
2. Learn what factors contribute to a healthy relationship.
3. Learn effective ways to communicate about one’s subjective experience and review how thoughts and
feelings influence each other.
4. Develop coping strategies to mitigate peer conflict and practice skills through role-playing scenarios and
identification of support systems.
5. Discuss assertiveness training skills (i.e., appropriate language, promoting nonviolent approaches to

6. Implement learned skills with group participants.

Preregistration is Required: contact Integrative Psyche at 414-545-4430 or
by email:


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