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We provide specialized occupational therapy services that focus on improving foundational skills required for age-appropriate function and participation in daily life.  We take a comprehensive approach to each child/adult we treat as we know all areas of development are connected. Our clients have a variety diagnoses (Autism, ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, EBD, SPD, Trauma, Cognitive/Developmental delay, etc) and we strive to provide client centered care with education to both the client and family. 

Areas Occupational Therapy help with:
•    Motor coordination
•    Sensory processing disorders
•    Delayed milestones
•    Poor strength or endurance
•    Cognitive delays or Learning disorders
•    Executive function delays (sustained attention, impulsivity, problem solving, memory, regulating emotions)


Our team has additional training and certifications to provide the following specific sensory based programming: 
•    Therapeutic Listening
•    Pressure Brushing
•    Astronaut Training
•    Sensory Diets
•    Feeding/Picky Eating
•    Transition Planning
•    Interactive Metronome Program

Additional information regarding specialized OT Treatments available at Integrative Psyche:
Therapeutic listening and Astronaut training-
Interactive Metronome-
Picky Eating-

Transition Planning -

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