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Current Programming
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WE ARE VERY EXCITED!  Due to popular demand, we are opening a second KIDS IN THE KITCHEN program for the Summer. Call to register soon as spots are limited and it will fill up fast.
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Past Programming
 Young Woman Contemplating

Reign Over Your Stress

Being a woman can be stressful at times! Do you ever feel overwhelmed by daily life? Feel as if
your to-do list is never-ending? You are not alone. Stress is a part of life, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing

Coping With Bullying

Is the occurrence of bullying impacting your teen’s daily life and contributing to emotional distress? Your teenager experiencing
difficulty with establishing healthy peer relationships and addressing bullying behavior at school, in the community, or online? This group is for him or her.

Image by Jerry Zhang
Sad Girl in the Window

Living With Grief

Are you or someone you care about grieving the loss of a loved one? This group will help you
understand feelings of grief and work toward surviving life after a loss.

Caregiver Strategies

Being a caregiver can be trying at times! Join Integrative Psyche for a supportive and psycho-educational group focusing on proactive strategies for caretakers.

Caregiver with Patient
Confident Model

Confidence To Thrive
Do you have a teen that is dealing with negative self-talk, feelings of depressed or anxious mood,
and struggles to make healthy choices for themselves? This group is for them! Join us at Integrative Psyche!


PEERS - Making Friends

Teens with Autism or ADHD can have a hard time picking up on social cues and understanding the perspectives of others. Knowing how someone might react to something that we say or do makes it a struggle to start or engage in a conversation.

College Friends
Friends in Nature

PEERS - Relationships

This group is for teen boys that have already attended the Peers Social group. Teen boys will continue to work on social skills that help build confidence with making friends and engaging in meaningful conversation with others to build longer-lasting and healthy relationships. Join us at Integrative Psyche!

Sensory Processing

Do you have a pre-adolescent that struggles to regulate themselves physically and emotionally? Does he or she struggle with
confidence around their same-aged peers? This group is for them! We create an environment to explore, adapt and hone in on the skills needed to build success! Join us at Integrative Psyche.

Happy Family
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