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Friends in Nature

Building Confidence to Make, Keep, or Leave Friends

Teens with Autism or ADHD can have a hard time picking up on social cues and understanding the perspectives of others. Knowing how
someone might react to something that we say or do makes it a struggle to start or engage in a conversation!

This group is for teen boys that have already attended the Peers Social group. Teen boys will continue to work on social skills that help build confidence with making friends and engaging in meaningful conversation with others to build longer-lasting and healthy relationships. Join us at Integrative Psyche.

Goal: To increase self-awareness and build skills to support healthy responses and relationships
Objectives: A group for teen boys to build successful social skills!
1. Develop emotional identification and regulation skills
2. Increase empathy and ability to relate to others
3. Practice social skills during group conversations and games
4. Discuss challenges in life and practice goal setting and problem solving skills
5. Identify personal strengths and build self-esteem

Preregistration is Required: contact Integrative Psyche at 414-545-4430 or
by email:

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