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Image by Kristina Tripkovic

Are you or someone you care about grieving the loss of a loved one? This group will help you
understand feelings of grief and work toward surviving life after a loss.

Goal: Get in tune with your personal triggers, signs/symptoms, and what personal coping
strategies work for you. This increased awareness can help ensure your sense of control
and empower you.

Objectives: This group meets weekly to help one another through these shared experiences:
1. Emotional support in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
2. Support and understanding from others who have experienced a similar loss.
3. Begin the healing process through sharing your own story and hearing the stories of others.
4. Learn coping skills to help you through the most difficult days of your grief journey.
5. Hope through companionship with others who “get it” and understand first-hand what you’re
going through.
6. The opportunity to discover new traditions and ideas to keep loved ones present in your heart
and in your memories.
7. Permission to grieve and permission to live a happy productive life.

Preregistration is Required: contact Integrative Psyche at 414-545-4430 or
by email:

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