Thank you to all who voted for Integrative Psyche as the Best of Milwaukee 2019 and 2020 for our mental health services. We are proud and honored to have earned this distinction! 

Welcome to Integrative Psyche. We’re an outpatient mental health clinic located in Milwaukee, WI providing services to children, adolescents, and adults presenting with a variety of issues.


Our services include individual, family, couples, and group therapy, occupational therapy, as well as psychological and neuropsychological testing. We currently have a team of mental health providers who provide treatment for a variety of presenting problems, including anxiety, depression, adjustment, trauma, attention deficits, social deficits, and hoarding, among others. 

Our team strives to provide an integrative approach to care that highlights the strengths of both our staff and clients. As such, our group offers services such as yoga, mindfulness, sensory integration, art, and play therapies, Autism treatment, and traditional talk therapy.

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There are some insurance plans that are starting to end coverage of telehealth services. We encourage you to contact your insurance representative to learn how long telehealth services are available to you.

Our staff is currently utilizing both in-office and telehealth options.


In an effort to best protect our staff and clients, though, we are recommending continued telehealth therapy.

Please contact our main office with any questions or to obtain additional information, 414-545-4430.

Common experiences that prompt Psychotherapeutic Services:



Mood swings




Relational/social issues

Problems with attention and concentration

Problems with memory

Problems with sleep and/or eating

Learning disabilities

Stress/situational crisis

Difficulties with parenting

Other life transitions

Noting progress and/or changes to seek Psychological or Neuropsychological Evaluation:


Diagnostic clarification

Treatment recommendations

Noting progress

Dementia screening

Level of functioning

Guardianship determination

How Occupational Therapy can help you and/or your loved one:


Address physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral needs

Assess and treat sensory (processing) issues

Improve sensori-motor, visual-spatial, and fine motor skills

Develop social skills/functioning

Minimize excessive energy/hyperactivity

Facilitate improved attention and concentration

Upcoming Groups

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